we will make you the fittest you have been in your life. Get ready to tear down obstacles of the mind and body. We at Virj believe in achievable goals and hard work at your own pace. start your journey with us today.


Virj Fitness™ , in partnership with Zum Fitness - a Seattle gym located on 7th & Stewart, specializes in a progressive fitness class integrating the CrossFit method with the latest studies in biomechanics and exercise science. Our program structure is a challenging and fun group dynamic class safe for all fitness levels. Utilizing HIIT paired with functional movement training. We include injury prevention techniques, weight strength training, calisthenics & cardio fitness modalities to achieve a well rounded body.

Other services include Personal Training, Olympic Lift coaching, Nutritional Coaching, Massage Deep Tissue and Sport Therapy.

We have many amenities at this amazing downtown location - Open Gym time, Yoga classes, Spin Classes, showers, sauna, complementary towels, locker rooms..to name a few.



Virj Fitness™ was created by Seth Bennett, an Injury Treatment Massage Therapist and Personal Trainer with more than 14 years experience. In collaboration with our talented coaches we leveraged that combined experience to create a template of methodologies for our team. Thus, our program is designed to keep an exceptionally detailed eye on you throughout your journey.

Injury prevention is a high priority and one of the most common causes to derail training so on any given day, we may modify the workout of the day (WOD) so it makes better sense for your body. Whether that means tailoring things by individually scaling back the workout a bit or just slowing down.