Class Schedule

Monday - Thursday
6am, 7am, 11:30am, 5pm, 6pm

6am, 7am, 11:30am, 5pm


Our classes are Strength & Conditioning focused and great for every level. if you are a beginner please contact us prior to trying out our class and potentially attend a free initial consult.


What to expect

Classes are about 1 hour. The first 10-15 minutes of the class is specifically focused on mobility and physical warm-up of the movements to come. Typically following the warm-up 10-20 minutes are focused on skill acquisition drills and/or Strength and technique building. This is an incredibly important phase. By practicing these movements properly and slowly, it allows the coaches and yourself to hone in on form. After all that the remaining time is used for our Workout Of The Day (WOD). This is the Higher Intensity conditioning phase usually performed in a circuit style with little to no rest between movements for a given amount of time or sets. You are expected to do the WOD at the level that best suits you and with any other personal modifications you discuss with the coach.